Eagle “Shaheen” Poem”

To flying spirits and free minds

Eagle “Shaheen” Flys alone

Eagle needs no companions

Eagle hunts alone and live alone

Eagles nests on mountain peak

Eagles attacks without warning

Iqbal s idea of Eagle “Shaheen” I swallowed

Eagle still wasn’t able to fly across mountains

Iqbal was by product of Nietzsche

Metaphysics mixed with Atheism

Nietzsche’s Zarathustra was real Eagle

All rest is it’s bad versions

Zorba the Greek maintains the sky limits

Iqbal’s Eagle falls and rise again

Falls and rise again

It failed to reach heavens

Iqbal’s philosophy lacks beauty of post modernism

A revolution in all kinds of arts and thinking

There is no law for obedience

Following is for lay men

Destroy the old and build the new

With all due respect I read Iqbal

Before going to bed I read Iqbal

My love for him is not in words

But my habits of reading every night

One poet to another poet

Understand better than any general reader

Eagle has transformed into a Dragon

Ego has transformed into super Ego

Conservatism into progressiveness

Religion into Nihilism

Nihilism into un nameable philosophy

That unnamed philosophy into my individuality

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