King David’s Harp “Poem”

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem

Echoes from Ancient Israel to my ears

From Old Testament to New Testament

I read only because I loved David

Not because I am a Jew, Christian or Muslim but a human

Psalms what book mankind preserved

The verses always ease my sorrows

Music is the medicine of soul

Words and Poetry the essence of soul

David’s harp is the beat of my heart

David’s life a lesson

David’s character a formal love letter

Gods image is the human compassion

His Enemies like my degree and exams and friends

Shepard is the simplicity of living

Facing oneself to oneself against the world

David’s harp

David’s harp but a strings play

David’s harp but an art

David’s harp and the heat of fire

Is one thing in one and two

Two in one and one in one

They burn the desires and enlighten the mind

Book of Pslam lays on my table day and night

It’s appearance is enough to make my day

It’s existence is enough to make me go home early

David’s harp but a lullaby

Makes me go to sleep like a child

David’s harp my solace

David’s harp but a lullaby

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