Flight “Poem”

A Flight of Flights in evening Glory

Drunken and wasted on a full bright day

Sunny shouts “Ali”


Look at the clouds so illuminating

“Hey” sunny shouted again

He stops every passerby and ask

What is your philosophy of life?

A fat guy came and said “I don’t know”

Sunny then said: I show you what madness really is

He laughs insanely and calls each passerby

Saying he loves them and misses them

He rolls over like a child and laughs

He exclaimed holding his laughter

I worship you in everything god

I am your best creation

Cried sunny looking at the sky

God make me the best I could be

Long live existentialism baby

Go buy me an apple Ali

I have apple Lap top and IPhone

If I and my wife buy an apple

Are we going to be sinners in the eye of God?

Asked Sunny?

I laughed and said let’s go home

He played Charles bukwoeski poetry on YouTube

Blues and blues and sorrows and sorrows

As the air pat the grass leaves

Like the sun’s heat kisses the skin

All but not all is in the wind

Murmur of air and sound of car engines

Polluted smell of the road

Sound of the laborers hammering the ground

Like Distant heart beats of a dying men in battle

A Flight of flights in evening glory

Like living to dead is

A being and a non being

Mortality against immortality

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