River Walk “Poem”

On river walk rules the blues in mid night

The domes of University of Tampa and my Blues

Lights and stars goes together

Seconds and minutes goes together

Days and weeks goes together

Months and years goes together

The girls and boyes

All drunk in their blues

Girls and blues coming from bars and clubs

Their petty sorrows

Keep them awake

Makes the young ones to wander

River walk is possessed by chatters

In groups of three to two

Two lesbians and one girl

One negro and one south Asian

One singer and one poet

Walks aimlessly like lost souls

Living their art forming words

Words and lyrics

Art and blues goes together

My lover and my poetry goes together

River and our life flows together

Fate and destiny meets some where

Deep in the conversation

We find solace

Happiness only real when shared said maccandless

No moral but humanity first

No blues but river walk first

No division but friendship first

No sleep but a run first

Before a run a walk must

Before morning go to river walk must

Jay jay and my poetry rocks the world

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