Her Hairs “Poem“

Saw one picture on Instagram

Strange was her existence I know not and wish to know not

I want to know her at the same time

as good as death seems not to be wished but also wished at the same time

Some hairs as beautiful as diamond is

A little Curly and a little long

Resting on shoulders as a Queen on her throne

Eyes hid behind hairs as rain behind clouds

Her phone stands on path to her way of facial expressions

as wall of China is placed before a piece of art

What to do with it! asked my heart?

A picture is a model of reality

Imagine now her hairs have my curiosity

Now they must have my attention

Now they must be put into words

Her hairs must be sealed like a pearl

Words and poetry as shells

Captured her beauty and hairy figure

Immortality is in these words

She don’t know yet nor should know

Like mono-Lisa didn’t know her face forever immortalized

Let me swipe now for this curse

Turning everything into poem

My own existence is a poem now

My words my life now

My poetry my expression now

My own self my words now

End this before I play more

Demons went back to lantern

As Long as nobody shakes my world

No more words shall be written

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