Reunion “Poem”

Let’s meet my love once again

As the union of mankind in heaven

A union of union is always Gods plan

One photon unite with other photon

Their union ignite light

One atom to another makes universe

One drop to another make oceans

One star to another makes a constellation

One planet to another makes solar system

One heart to another makes life

One life to another creates humanity

One day to another makes tomorrow

One year to another make centuries

One history to another makes a decade

One eye to another makes connection

One voice to another make Revolutions

One country to another makes our flags

One path to another makes ways

One word to another makes poetry

One art to another makes a masterpiece

One death to another makes tombs

One temple to another makes followers

One crime to another makes jail

One lover to another makes a story

One stone to another makes a castle

One mind to another makes discoveries

Where are you my beloved?

What are you waiting for?

I write thousand poems

I sing thousand songs

I spend countless sleepless nights

I spend countless days in your memory

Come now and reveal like the first spark of fire

Like birds meets the trees after long flight

Run into my arms

As a reunion of souls after death

As a union of kids to their parents

As a union of unions is oxygen and carbon in air

One makes two and two makes four and goes on to infinity

Come like we never parted my love

Why your hiding like a gem?

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