Mullah “Poem”

They call me Mullah, Khateeb, Ulema or Molvi

I was born this way that I am a Mullah

I alone know God and Islam

I alone know Sunnah of the Prophet

I wasn’t able to go to school

I wasn’t able to get a good education

I wasn’t able to be of any use to society

I wasn’t able to contribute even a speck to economics

But I am Mullah I must exist

Just as Satan must Exist for God to Exist

Hear My name they call me Ulema too

We are ignorant of the ignorants

We follow Abu Jahil and non other

We earn our livelihood from Madrassas

We Live on blood of Innocents

We put fear by our empty words in mosques

Mullah I am who commit all crimes

I kill all blasphemers

Even though some one is not I must do as I will

Cause I am a disease on earth

Mullah is my name my prayers are my game

I rape little kids in mosques

I exist to offer Janaza or Nikkah only

My existence is a slap on mankind

God himself is sick of the name Mullah or Ulema

But I know how to control masses

I do nothing but hate speech

All are Kafir except me

I will protect the unjust constitution

Mullah I am they say I am Satan

I have a beard and look ugly

Mullah they say I am

All I do criticize west and be blind

I know nothing of history and modern technology

I am superstitious and conservative

In every Mohallah there is a Mullah

In every Mohallah there is a chaklaa (brothel)

I only pretend to be pious and I go to brothel as a inquirer

Mullah is my name I must exist

I fear freedom of speech

My friends my secret will it reveal

Lair we all Ulemas and Mullahs are

A creature worst than any

I grow my beard and fool the world

I support terrorism and all evil

I go on T.V and shed tears like a women

I am Satan as the beard is my mask

Mullah I am and I must exist

To end of times when God must Punish

Every long beard will be in hell

Every Ulema to Mullah will be in hell

World will know God need not

Any Mullah or Ulema to say his name

God alone knows truth

Let Mullah exist let these measles exist

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