What is thinkable is possible too “Poem”

A logical picture of facts is a thought

The totality of thoughts is a picture of of the world

A thought contains the possibility of situation of which it is the thought

What is thinkable is possible too

These lines are gifts of Wittgenstein

What is thinkable is possible too

I think therefore I am said Descartes

The world is my idea write schophaneur

What one aims at

Is in hands first in his thinking

Food I want to eat

Hungry I am my mind says

A preposition of philly steak

Or a fish salad or a chicken sandwich

Is first comes as a picture in our thoughts

Hunger is depravity

Hunger is absence of something

Hunger is weakness of the body

Hunger is richness of the soul

Language is the problem of all philosophy

Poetry is madness of poet

Once the thought is reinforced

I go and get something to eat

Action therefore requires insanity

Like Kirlov from Dostoevsky’s novel who killed a man and then killed himself for freedom

Man will do anything to erase his hunger

Even cannibalism becomes part of their conscience

Cannibalism happens mostly in wars among hungry soldiers

Even god send a lamb to Abraham for sacrifice

Abraham’s knife and the lamb

Are my sorrows

Hunger is my knowledge to know more

To write more and express more

Therefore whatever one thinks is possible too

If I think I am great

Then I am Great

I don’t need world to tell me

Just as a genius is recognize much later by his works not by his struggles

Maxims of Goethe are genius

Maxims of Nietzsche are genius too

I will think I am a poet

Therefore I am a poet

Like all sad souls and free spirts as Allen Ginsberg said

I don’t have to be famous

Like seas knows they are flowing no body need to tell them

Like wind knows they are blowing nobody need to tell them

Like god knows He exist

he don’t need no approval for his existence or non existence

If you think God doesn’t exist he won’t

If you think God exist then he will exist

It’s problem of language again

Like I know I am a poet nobody needs to tell me

Possibility comes with thinking

I think and act so it’s been made

Therefore what ever is thinkable is possible too

Long live Wittgenstein my brother

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