Platonic love “Poem”

From Plato I was gifted a gift

Write I say let world know Plato’s idea of love

An ideal and impossible love for a women

Dating experts say I am fool

Let them make women a tool

I let one expert to guide me and that is Plato

I don’t need no advice or conversation starters

I am the citizen of Plato’s republic

I am the exiled poet of Plato’s republic

I have the wisdom of platonic love

I have won the prize of platonic love

Plato Hates poets but poets love Plato

Like one sided love of a lover for Don Juan

Plato is not dead we converse

Like spirits talks long gone

Athens is in my heart so is Greece

My love is impossible so is my being

The best is not always popular they say

Platonic love involves sexual expression

and all beauty is in platos republic they never say

Plato was Plato not Buddha

Wrong is the world not understanding Plato

Not understanding platonic ideas

Platonic love is deep and spiritual

It’s not a mixture of Plato and Buddha

It’s Plato alone and whole of Socrates

Art and beauty is highest form of morality

Platonic love is the romantic love

Platonic love is the love of flesh and bones

Platonic love is love of soul and body both

But platonic love is still impossible

Impossible as 4000 bc Greece is to future Greece

Platonic love is my poem now

Platonic love is everything now

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