Colonialism “Poem”

Uncivilized is the Indian subcontinent said the English men

They fool the Indian subcontinent for two centuries

They loot the Indian subcontinent for two decades

They enslave the Indian subcontinent for two pages in history

They stole the Jewel of the Indian subcontinent for their Queen

Englishmen gifted English language to Indian subcontinent

Britishers were they who destroyed native language of the Indian subcontinent

Cheap labor and raw material and East Indian company

Tools for making the uncivilized civilized

Rudyard Kipling awarded for white mens burden on Indian subcontinent

Injustice of injustice was the Indian subcontinent in history

I am the product of white mens burden

I no longer write in Urdu but English gifts of colonialism

Culture is colonized so is tradition

Kashmir is still colonized so is Palestine

Marx came up and fight the colonists

Communists colonized communists

Socialists colonized the socialists

Capitalists colonized the whole world again

Globalization colonized whole universe

Satan colonized heaven and earth

God colonized hell and earth

Man colonized god and his angels

Prophets colonized colonists

I colonized my own colonialism

History colonized Pakistan’s constitution to this day

Religion colonized freedom of speech

Preachers colonized religion

Reason colonized man of reason

Man of reason colonized the academia

Academia colonized philosophy

Philosophy colonized nothing but slavery

Philosophy freed mankind

Universities colonized students

Professors colonized exams

Students colonized education

Free markets colonized education

Education colonized thinking beings

Plato colonized Socrates and Socrates Plato and Plato his republicans

Aristotle colonized Alexander and Alexander rivers and winds

Greece colonized my heart so is my soul

Germans colonized my brain so is frenchmen

English colonized my poetry so is my thinking

Arabs colonized Indus Valley

Arabs colonized my forefathers

Everything colonized another

Colonialism here and there

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