God Beyond God “Poem”

Break the image of God by the Command of God said Rumi

I am not the God your Mullah screams in mosques

I am not the God every Ulema sheds tears for

God is beyond God for those who seek

God is in your heart not in words of its preachers

God need no Mullah or professed Mullah

Did I God command any Mullah over you?

Did I God not send my divine words for every common man?

Did I God not speak for very illiterate or literate?

How come you think God demands only Mullah as his defender?

God I am and I reside in every soul

God I am and read my book and care not what they say?

I made man free not slaves to any Mullah or Ulema?

Why do you make so many mosques?

Did I God need colorful Turbans and following of long gone customs?

Did I God is not progressive and Innovative?

Did I God need Mosques only?

God need no tears on T.V or dress codes or strict manners

What Sunni? What Shite? What salafi and what Hanfi or Humbli?

God knows them not? Nor wish to know

God knows better what they are and what they are not

God is beyond God for those who seek?

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