Right of the Strong “Poem”

Force is a physical power

God is all powerful and strong

Therefore, he has the right of the strongest

Therefore, God commanded “Thou shall not Kill”

or “Thou shall worship me I am God

To yield force is an act of necessity

Not of will but at its best an act of Prudence

In what sense can it be a moral duty?

Obeying God for what now?

Out of Fear of death? Or Life?

For Rewards and Heaven?

Ideas but ideas and absurdities?

My obedience is not so cheap

Naturally Rebellious person never submit to any power

What reason can God give other than his Supreme Authority?

Hence God shall come down on earth

More and more disobedience

Right of the weak cries in pain

If force compels obedience

There is no need to invoke obedience

There is no longer any obligation

Obey those in power!

Hence might does not make it right

My disobedience becomes legitimate

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