Iqbal and Love

Each day I read Iqbal

Each day I love Iqbal more

With each poem I bestow my love on him

Each word of Iqbal is like a revelation to me

Where would I be without his guidance

Lost in Nimrods fire as he write about Nietzsches philosophy

Iqbal was and will always be a genius

Always misunderstood by so many

Iqbal speaks on individual level

Iqbal care not about nations and religions

Iqbal was a rebel too

Lies world say about Iqbal

Read Iqbal more and know more

It’s treasures one’s unable to sell

Iqbal’s jewel are priceless

Don’t make Iqbal your property Pakistan

He is not your national poet

Iqbal was born free and still is free

His words I read to non Muslims

They love him like a mystic

They love him like Any other American poet

They love him like love is

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