Iqbal’s concept of Nationality “Poem”

Every artist is always ahead of its generation

From Socrates to James Joyce felt alienated

Alienating are concepts of nationality, language and religion

Iqbal was no different as he himself was a poet and a philosopher

His Poem “Patriotism”

Clearly a protest against all nationalists

A cry of a soul in extreme misery

Iqbal protested against division in mankind

For patriots give births to wars and massacre of the innocent

Islam was protests against such notion

Wrong is every Islamic nation on whole earth

None of them can ignore the fact

Islam needs no flag or Kings or states

Every race, ethnicity, color, languages comes under one flag

Stop preaching Islam all scholars of Islam are Ignorant

Every preacher of every religion is a sales man

They earn their living by selling God

When God is for everyone he needs no scholarship

Abolish the slavery and preachers

Teach Zarathustra to mankind

Teach Iqbal to Muslims

Religion has no place in modern state

Let each state be secular

End of sharia is end of slavery

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