Life without Social Media “Poem”

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit etc

All are great idols of expression of self

Mankind worship these idols day and night

All are grey sorcery of modern technology

All are great source of information

My solitude is my best companion

Hammered every social app from my phone

Every minute becomes intense

No longer to swipe for more

No longer need to project myself as what I am not

I shall never log back again for months to come

Two days without social media were a blessing

Read books more and write more

Learn more and experience more

Make real friends more

Experimenting is one of my thing

I feel alienated not seeing what others are doing

What others matters anyway?

Even if I die like this no one will care

Why not live more authentic

More time for friends

More pictures with friends

Naturally got rid of all fake followers

Freedom I felt without social media is priceless

No more ads or selling by giant Corps

Every now and then real self to self

Poetry shall be my only salvation

All I want to express now will be only in words

From now on no more social media but poetry only

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