Passerby’s on Saturday Night “Poem”

There goes a mom and dad and three little girls

There comes a beautiful couple

The man is average but the women is in her prime youth

There goes skate boarders in groups of 10 all boys and girls pass me like a fast moving train

River flows silently minding its own business

I am sitting with jay jay again

Celebrating the independence this land provides

Two young girls walks bare footed

Drinks water from the nearby fountain

I look at their beautiful white legs

What to make of it but girls full of wilderness

Some more pass by while sitting on the bench

Ok cycles and on foot with headphones on their ears

Masks on their faces under a glowing sky

Echoes of freedom comes far from fireworks

Two women chatting with their uptight skirts and plain white legs

Railing their little baby in a rail car

Light passes through my eyes to trees

From trees to Algiers

From Algiers’s to moors in Africa

Suddenly to Middle East

Come back don’t wander like Moses

Life is here look up

Illuminated sky is your destiny

Love each and everything

It is a beautiful night like every Saturday night

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