Falcon “Poem”

Life is but godly like the flight of a falcon

Falcon should be one if one were to live

Falcon follows no one but winds follows falcon

Falcon spread it’s wings like Gabrieal

Falcon hunts like Godzilla

Falcons flight is hurricane for seas

Falcon dives into oceans for mere pleasure

Why you beg? Why you go for easy hunts

Flowing water and marine life best at swimming

Invaded by Falcon like napoleon resurrected

Follow the way of Falcon and aim the impossible

Take a flight up on to mountains alone

Rule the skies like Falcon

Don’t crawl like a snake in life

Be a Falcon and tear down that snake

For Falcon need no one but himself

For a Falcon life is a game

For a man shouldn’t be a nightingale in tears

But in rage and blood from flesh of Falcon

Life is but the way of a Falcon

That is all

Put “F” and “A” and “L” before being a con but

That is all life is to be a Falcon

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