Art “poem”

The real world is troublesome

It is wrong I can feel it

Something is about to happen

I don’t know what but big trouble

Governments will introduce unjust policies

Wars are coming but art is still there

Students will be humiliated

Their money is wasted in universities

Universities are profit making machines only

Education remains only indivisible

Every Individual must educate himself

God himself is tired of art

Where thou art?

Art remains only salvation for mankind

An expression sacred of all sacredness

No one gives it to you

You gotta take it

Art gives it you all else takes everything from you

Morality to religion life itself to economics and expression to society itself

All are wrong except art

Art remains for artists and for truth

I’m beginning to feel like art god

Listening to Eminem’s rap god

I write whole of this poem

Hood remains my salvation

All else is doomed like Noah’s ark art only remains

Let’s promote art all else is just a fart

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