Peripatetic “Poem”

I graduated from peripatetic school from Ancient Greece

My teacher was Aristotle

My degree is in peripatetics

My friends are peripatetics

I don’t need no cosmetics

I need no other tactics

I am highly eccentric

I belong to Peripatetics

I have no place to stay

I belong to the world

I have no country but the world as a whole

I am a peripatetic inspired by Aristotle

We wanderer and discover truths

Truths as essential as life is

Elon musk is a peripatetic too, he doesn’t know yet

Elon has no house but his friends humble abode but

I am a homeless too for life

I belong to peripatetic school only

Rest is just fanatic

But I am peripatetic

I have a world to conquer

From East to west belongs to me

I belong to no nation or religion or language

Cause I am a peripatetic from Ancient Greece

peripatetic for life like the kite

In air I fly freely

Beware I’m breezily

I will cut my ropes

I am a Wanderer here and there

peripatetic was I even now then

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