Goodbye “Poem”

Goodbye my friends I must depart now

For nature calls me to seclusion again

Goodbye my good old friends

Good bye floribraska streets and river walk

I must find a new place and new people

Goodbye to the old and feeble

Welcome o curiosity and thrust for knowledge

I find a new cave and some books

I must reside there and live cheaply

Learn what new ideas have to teach

Leave what old ideas to be left alone

Destroy and abolish what have to abolished

Good bye my friends I am like Zarathustra

I must leave you for sake of friendship

Goodbye O Adalee Streets you have been so nice to me

Good bye my beautiful yard and amazing people

I must climb the mountains alone follow me not nor do I follow you

Our ways part from here on

I walk into unknown and make strangers my friends again like I made you

Learn more and make another hood my hood

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