Ghalib “Poem”

A simple “Ahh” needs an age to be affected

Who will live long to see your hairs grow?

Ghalib I read in drunkard evenings

Ghalib I read when I miss my lover

Ghalib was an Indian poet

My friendship with Ghalib is as deep as sea is

We agreed that we know truth about life but

Who will live long to see oneself decaying with time?

Pain becomes a relief when pain became unbearable

Just as it is hard for a man to became a man

As for certain things it is impossible to became simple

I became not good nor bad?

What philosophical discourse is this?

Somebody please call Mary mother of Jesus

Somebody please cure my sorrows and pains?

Writing words after wards in passion

God forbid let nobody understood what I mean

What and where is everything colorful?

What faces will there be in grave yards?

Those Unmasked faces appears to me at this hour of stillness

If I kept drowning myself in despair

Such troubles befall on me that they became Easy

As I walk into the gardens it becomes a desert

Even the nightingale started crying hearing my voice

If kept crying like this this whole world will be an Empty glass

Million desires are there yet millions remains unfulfilled

At every desire I lost my breath

Wonders of passions flows but still it was not enough

I have been listening to the story of Adam too long

But I came out hopeless from your humble abode

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