Detached “Poem”

I feel so detached from everything

World is all but troubles and misfortunes

Thrown into a hell before a hell

A lonely night far from everything happy

So detached are my reality to my sorrows

That I forget to laugh and smile

What I am living for? I lost everything and gain nothing

My soul seeking for a little speck of spark

Depression flows in my veins in place of blood

I dare say no one in history have suffered as much as I did

I am nothing and I have nothing

A true nihilists emerges from nothingness

I seek for unknown realms in my mother’s womb

I seek for unknown emptiness in my future grave

I don’t think I even deserve to be buried

But like ancient Parsi of Mesopotamia I shall be eaten up by birds

There is no meaning except for this nihilism

Where shall I go? Whom should I call?

There is none? There is no one

How does it feels like to be detached from world ?

How does it feel like When you have no where to go?

How does it feel like when you have no home?

I feel so hopeless like a fish gasping for breath even in water

O lord show some sign or send a star

I am so low and dead even before death

Don’t Let my sorrows as much as possible to spread like a plague

Don’t put the weight of whole universe on my shoulders

Don’t be so detached o world I did nothing wrong

So detached I am tonight from everything

I feel nothing and inspire nothing

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