Come writers and critics “Poem”

Come writers and critics who prophesie with their pen

Wrote Dylan for the times they are changing

Come the true hero’s of mankind

Writers and critics who shake mountains

Pen is mightier than sword

My blues tonight reaches the darkest corner Of my mind

I write therefore this world is not the best of all possible worlds

I rather create a new one with my words

No longer to be a Hebrew slave to jobs or schools

No longer to be a herd but a master to all these fools

State, religion, home, friends, family all makes no sense

The birth of tragedy

The death of conformity

For the times, they are changing

Money and labor are not balanced

Women and love are not truthful

Reality is not reality but for mighty

I am the individual to be corrected

The powers seek my submission

I ran away from all authority for freedom

My aims so high like Elon’s musks rockets

Writers and critics come and fight the falsehood

Truth is still there all naked

Take its cloths off from morality

Fake morals and ideals mankind worship

Rest assured writers you are the rulers

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