Two lonely stars “Poem”

Two lonely stars shines tonight
I just finished smoking hookah

I just shed tears

I just let go fears
My friend and I will be like those two lonely stars
Burning and spreading light where ever we go
Sonny gone to Colorado
I alone in Florida
I look at the yellow dots
Dark sky like my sorrows
I lead my hand in air
Trying to grasp the two lonely stars
Like the nostalgia I suffered
Trying to grasp history of our great brother hood
Sonny who gave me gift of humanity
Sonny who was true friend
How can I sleep tonight
My angst of our separation is like Adams fall from eternal bliss
My brother may god be with you
My brother may you succeed
We are now like these two lonely stars shining at our parting forever
I look at them again
Bless you with my heart

My brother I love you more than anything
I wish all the happiness to you
Farewell Sonny
Farewell oh two lonely stars
I must go to bed now
I have work in the morning
Gift of gift is true friendship and brotherhood
Long live Babylonia and Basra
The soil of Iraq produced
Such a beautiful soul oh lord
Let me have his troubles as he took mine
Let me be of some help to him in future now and then
For this parting breaks my heart
Poets were we and two lonely stars
Great hero was sonny on Nebraska streets in Tampa
Long live homeless helping homeless

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