Eagle Dance “Poem”

It was one of those nights of revelations

There was Sunny and my soul alone on streets

We talk for hours and then was on our way back to home

We were drunk in our blues and drowned in absurdity of life itself

The life which seeks happiness only from outerself

I was happy that night so was sunny but we didn’t know like the northern star

Our minds focused on nothingness and bleak future and passions

All of sudden passion overcomes Sunny like zorba the Greek

He started dancing like Chaldeans from Iraq

He called it the Eagle dance

His hands in air and feet’s fiercely smashing the ground back and forth

Sunny then took off his shirt and Started dancing more passionately

Head straight out like eagles and shoulders lifted out of chest like we are in a gorilla war and became Tarzan

He pushed me into the middle of the road

And shouted dance like me you loser

It was middle of the night and the roads were lifeless

We laughed and danced in directions of native Arabic music

I was laughing with tears in my mind not the eye that only followed Sunny’s foot steps

We danced so hard until our bodies fatigued

He then stopped and shouted

This is called Eagle dance be an eagle Ali be an eagle

We laughed together at the futility of life and on our hobo life

Oh he said some phrases in Spanish and then in French I failed to memorize

I exclaimed! I have never met a jolly Arab as you

Reality then slapped us hard on face and we didn’t have the courage like Jesus to offer the other cheek

It was almost 4 am in the morning and we have to work and sleep

We then walk laughing and mocking life at its best

Went straight to our beds waiting for the sun to wake us up with its fiery blazes

Such is life chanting and changing like weather oh life I curse you at our parting

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