Lebanon in tears “Poem”

“Boom” out somewhere on television I heard an Explosions and then another explosion

and smoke and fireworks of tears and blood

Who is to blame oh this age of reason you have my distrust

and I saw deaths and injuries and cries of mothers

huge quantities of ammonium nitrate” being stored at the port.

Is humanity to blame for inventing such weapons of destruction?

Lebanon is in tears or should we give another noble prize to some dead physicist oh Einstein?

What wrath and madness of civilizations

Somebody please resurrect Foucault from his grave

World seeks his great eye on the matter of human madness

Government men on Twitter sympathies with this terror and blood of innocents

That’s all they can do like a game of chess

They all play their part and secure their ruling

We the masses suffer the losses and pain and gain nothing

This world as it is in itself is a projection of a mad god

The mad god of Abraham who always need a sacrifice

Here take this sacrifice of human blood and boost your godliness

Ethics of Spinoza cries in vain and hammer of Nietzsche still smashes human morality

Socrates still room around Lebanon and questions authority?

Who place that explosive monster near the the port?

No tears but answer Socrates or again put him to death with hemlock

Let humanity drink hemlock and let these rulers who invent those explosives

With their explosives let the prime ministers and presidents rule

Blame this technology if you can or human progress

and ignore the emptiness every soul feed before going to bed

More explosives are on its way in Yemen and Syria and Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan

More democracy and communism and all fickle abstract ideas will bomb the innocent souls

Tears left in Lebanon tonight and nothing just tears and blood 🩸

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