God’s Sense of Humor “Poem”

God has a sense of humor greater than anyone

I’m going to investigate Gods sense of humor forgive me O world

Consider me a blasphemer of the blasphemers O world

you can hang me to death if you want i don’t mind

In what sense Oh God your outmost power justifies the derangement of senses? I do mind

Forbidding alcohol and women on earth but promising alcohol and women in heaven?

72 virgins is a great sense humor played on all humanity is it not God?

Please forgive my courage to ask?

But i am being honest what is the point?

To abandon one thing here and to adapt the same thing in your humble abode oh lord I dream of 72 virgin and fine wines

Honey and milky rivers and women above all I love the most

Let go this foolishness oh god to whome all power belongs

Why you send the lamb to Abraham when he was about put knife to Isaac?

I laugh with tears and with longest despair what Isaac went through and must have felt

and I pity for generations of lamb sacrifices?

You have no idea how many sacrifices of lamb we humans have repeated after your manner?

It’s not even countable like the stars in clear night sky!

I must consider Abraham’s event as great sense of humor

You are oh god after all a God how can you not have some sense of humor?

Now what is Satan?

An angel you loved the most and knew his rebellion but still let him play?

Of course you only know what we cannot know but wait!

Let the rain fall please again it’s getting too hot God

I can not justify Gods existence without Satans existence

So he then created Hell

A place of endless torture and burning sulfur

Oh have Mercy oh you Monsters I’m history of antiquities

Humans follow the godly way of punishment to this day

Then God you put Tree of Knowledge

If I am not wrong I want to laugh

It’s like setting a house on fire and believing it’s not going to turn into ashes but a garden

What a good sense of humor God has

Generations of generations have gone

But no more this is the age of reason

God has no place in 21st century

Let alone human reason to conquer the world like Alexander

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