Sorrows in Evening “Poem”

Some of these days you are going to miss me honey

I listen to Sophie Tucker which takes me back to 1925 and brilliance of jazz music

Evening comes knocking at my chamber door

My heart melted for the night approaching

My sorrows will come haunting me tonight

My loneliness and pages of books I left for reading

My evening coffee and writing some words

My emptiness and urge for a drink and smoke of a cigarette

People getting off from work and rushing to liquor stores

I read Foucault still his writings occupied my day and night

I read desecrate a little bit his last meditations is a masterpiece

I then read Sartre and Spinoza and nietzche

I then watch some documentary on crime and punishment

I then welcome my sorrows

I then lit my cigarette and watch my soul crying

I hug my heart with tears and blood

Sorrows in evening came calling for me

I must embody my sorrows and complain no more

Leave me o world I’m in solitude as poets should be

As all lovers should be alone and sorrowful

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