Flowers “Poem”

Flowers no longer grow in my yard

Flowers no longer I gave to women

Flowers no longer pleases my heart

The red red rose is turned into blood and whisper

Love of a women I seek not but literature alone

Women are like winds they come and go

My garden is barren and my soul is rusty

No more flowers and no more love songs

Life have made me a Falcon in a lonely flight

I look for no flowers but the sharp needles

Like that needle I got from the girl I loved

It pierced my heart and heart broken like glass

My soul hates her beauty and despise her memories now

Her lies I see when I see a flower anywhere

Her name appears when I see flowers

Flowers reminds of her betrayal

Leave O heart her memories like dark cave

Flush her image in the gutter

She is dead in that graveyard I pass by every night

take away flowers form my eyes O witchcraft

Please take away love and women

They deserve one night stands only

Let me have more books and poetry

If I can love her like Romeo

I can hate her too like Don Juan

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