Scientology in YBor city? “Poem”

I have a missionary friend from the Baptist’s church

We both love Jesus and do bible studies

He showed me the Scientologist building in YBor

We walked where the streets were darker and misty

Terrified with stories of Scientologist being an occult

I receive warnings not go there as people disappear once enter their building

For the love of Christ we inquired

He told me Tom Cruise is a Scientologist

They believe in weird alien conspiracy theories mingled with biblical stories

We stand outside the building calling for danger

He said don’t go near they got cameras

It was middle of night and we saw the lights in the buildings but no souls

I told him I will visit them during day and he warned me again

I say stop this paranoia for god sake

We walk back discussing biblical stories

modern morality and culture and traditions

May Our new experiences and curiosity live longer

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