By Gone Days “Poem”

Oh life what to do with those by gone days?

When I felt the whole world opening its arms?

Where are they gone? In past why can’t we pursue the by gone days?

Proust spend his life in that effort do you know?

In remembrance of things passed was the title of Proust’s first volume I was only able to finish “Swans way”

Have you ever look at the plane flying high in sky in middle of the night?

It reminds of the time when I left New York for Tampa

I feared her existence I knew it’s not gonna end well

Those by gone days tortured me and I ask like young Werther

Why were those by gone days were so fortunate O heart?

Soul, heart, mind, creativity, all is lost

Why do I suffer more than I deserve?

My one true friend has flown to Colorado

I am left alone with Nostalgia

I cannot bear Tampa anymore

I must leave this place

Welcome new memories to erase old memories

The cycle goes on like days and nights

Oh by gone days how I feel so powerless

Void of the voids are by gone days

My sorrows are no different than sorrows of young weather or Wilhelm

Open Goethes book o poor soul and read

Read so you may know your sorrows are not lonely but in company of young Werther

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