Flaming Iqbal-o-Rumi “Poem”

Student from Hind to teacher in Persia

Words on fire from Iqbal to Rumi

Seek in poetry of Iqbal-o-Rumi O love

The passions and love of knowledge O my burning desires

Iqbal asked: what is life and what is death?

Ustad-e- Rumi called me to the graveyard

Rumi answered setting fire on my house

Run into the loneliness and jump into troubles

Say no more drunkard words O Iqbal says Rumi

Take not my flesh O Rumi cried Iqbal

Set my soul free like camels in deserts

Rumi shook his head around and shouted

Leave thy body and let thy soul wander like moses for years in a lonely desert my dear

Choice have I not one O passions flames by Iqbal and Rumi

I shouldn’t have read you both

I fell in love with books and solitude

People no longer interest me O Rumi but words you poured into my being

Traditions no longer appeal me O Iqbal but the revolution of your poetry

Like sun I’m flaming with poems

Like the grass on ground I drink wine

Does poets live in another universe?

Asked Iqbal?

Is not the universe so vast O blood raging

Answered Rumi

Come and dance with my poetry O reader

Let us migrate to poets worlds and their madness

Let your passions flames leave thy earth

To the stars Rumi called me and to The moon Iqbal pushed me

I no longer can breath air but poetry alone

Let me be a poet in words of poets and poets all around poets and poetry

I slaughtered my body and freed the soul O Rumi

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