Laws “Poem”

Who make the laws? Ask not O reasoning

Who has the right to speak? What merit? And what authority?

Who makes a legal statement?

If I free myself from civilization would I be truly free from all laws of god and mankind?

Human history but a disappointment

Kings make laws and God make laws

Power manifested through those bodies

One generation abandoned the work of preceding generation O freedom?

Nature is truth and wholly free

Aren’t this modern world gods so called the nation states evil?

Laws I obey none

Laws obey only of my own self preservation

No state can tell me what to do or what not do?

I prefer my place in a graveyard

Then to be a obedient citizen of any state

I shall live all my life as a blasphemer

As a rebellious like Jesus or Socrates

Drink hemlock when the time comes

Die freely hence forth without any law

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