Jamal Khashoggi “Poem”

A Man rose to power by inheritance and conquest

A feudal lord is Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Enemy of Democracy is Muhammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkish Embassy cries for Justice?

Islam came as protest against all forms of Idolatry said Iqbal

Saudi kings are no different than mad men with power and authority

They were the tribes men who rules with fear and blood on their people

A Journalist was killed mercilessly “Jamal khashoggi” takes his last breath

Bycott Saudi Arabia the criminals of Mankind

Sons of Abu Sufian are these kings or what?

They make money when Muslims visit Mecca for Worship from all around the world?

They are Muslims not by nature but by necessity

As long as it keeps their unjust kingdom in favor

They will will go through imposter syndrome for Muslims

They can kill anyone they want

They are above the law

They treat converted Muslims as second class Muslims

They make slaves of all converted Muslims in their kingdom

How long are these Arabs will fool Muslims

Murder of Jamal Khashoggi asks, for how long?

Yemen is in blood because of these King Kong’s

When will the sun will rise in Saudi Arabia

When will Democracy come in Saudi Arabia?

Frenchs were better who killed their King’s centuries ago

When will people of Saudi Arabia rise to power?

How many more Jamal Khashoggi will be murdered?

Ask not Kings can do what they please that is all O child

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