My Drunkness “Poem”

All days and nights I remain drunk

My eyes are always dreamy and red

Drunk in my sorrows

Drunk in my misery

Drunk in my loneliness

Drunk in my despair

How can I wake up O world?

Let me be drunk till my last breath

There is nothing good O wakefulness

“Awake!” says the unknown voice

For what? I replied with a movement

The voice said, “See the earth how it welcomes you with Colors of Youthful Life.”

Go away colors I’m all drunk in black and white

I see no rainbows but darkness

My drunkness Is my sole companion

My drunkness is my only hope

My drunkness is only escape

My drunkness is real

Leave me drunk O world mind your business

My drunkness is my worship 24/7

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