Helpless Eyes “Poem”

On my way home tonight in downtown Tampa

I saw many helpless eyes of homeless

But her gaze pleaded for help I offer not in prejudice

She was standing vulnerable near a shade of the tall building

She was young and pretty with a mask on her face

But her eyes were as big as the apple that fell on Newton

Her gravity catches my gaze hopelessly

She was a stranger but our hearts understood each other

She was homeless for some reason or in great misery and anguish

She was a thorn of a red rose in its full bloom

Her phone was distracting her but she kept looking at me as I pass by her

When I was two miles away I stopped

What if I ask her, if she needs help?

What if I answer her mysterious looks

What if? And if not? I finally mind my own business and let go my delusions

For so many homeless emerges on roads like marine life suddenly out of oceans

Where is God? Where are activists?

Please help homeless by not judging

All those helpless eyes waiting for their Messiah? When will he come?

I came home disappointed at human race

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