La Ilaha Ilelah “Poem”

Gift of Rumi breaths in my lungs

There is no God! Says Rumi there is no God

He stops and struggled to say next word

My lungs are on a heavy weight O Rumi

What madness is this

I do the Dhikr all day long “La ilaha Ilelah”

What does it mean?

There is a glass of wine on my table

I have not the courage to touch it

Differentiate the color of glass from that of the wine speaks Rumi

I can neither drink nor leave

I’m thirsty since the day and I fast today as you guide me Rumi

Image of my grandfather comes in my mind and his words

He was a Sufi and where have I gone?

I’m ashamed to think what if he is watching me?

He taught me all the Dhikr and prayers

May my grandpa Rest In Peace I pray for him day and night

What Rumi teaches I saw my grandfather doing it

Where should I go?

I’m lost Rumi

Should I break the glass or should I drink it

I implore Rumi guide me

I close my eyes and say La ilaha Ilelah

La ilah Ilelah , la ilah Ilelah

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