Non, Je Na Regrette Rien “Poem”

Édith Piaf sings Non, Je na Regrette Rien

Mighty French expressions of Nostalgia

No regrets I have. I will go on. Regrets I have none

For what I have became concern not anymore O sweet kisses

Life has taken away my past, my innocence, my morals

I dare not to recall! what I was before

Present is only real, past is destroyed and future is made

Look how you distance yourself from world

Like a stranger I have shun everyone

Except regrets all I have is some books

Some words I wrote and some hope

A little ambitions remain like the bleak light emerging from darkness

What I have gain? What I have lose?

My nothingness

My loneliness

My helplessness O man of no regrets

I wish if I have some regrets

Like an immoral mathematician I invented an equation with no regrets

I must forsake what is gone

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