6th century is 21st century in South Asia “Poem”

South Asia is condemned to 6th century laws and traditions

Those lands will never achieve progress

Man is still stoned to death

Man still receives 100 lashes

Man is still called a blasphemer

Freedom is prohibited in South Asia

Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in South Asia

Why do South Asia even exist?

Religion still dominate laws and culture and arts and literature

A shame on the face of earth is South Asia

Worse than animals humans are treated in South Asia

Long beards are still considered sacred

6th century is portrayed in 21st century in South Asia

Humanity doesn’t exist in South Asia

Somebody please enlighten South Asia

Somebody please save South Asia

When will politics be separated from religion in South Asia?

When will real democracy dominate in South Asia?

Barbarism exists and only barbarism in South Asia

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