Road to Freedom “Poem”

I took a walk on the road to freedom

I haven’t found it yet!

Where is freedom? What is freedom?

A Millenia of Human struggle for freedom

For freedom is to say and do what one wants without any delay

How can I find it so easily?

Road now took me to a dervishes lodge

I have learned what it has to teach

I haven’t found my freedom yet!

I look at the sky I see no signs

Sun came up each morning with a disappointment

I must keep on walking

I must not stay in one place

In a web of slavery I am handcuffed

The giant monster is my school, my work and my bed

Freedom calls for a hobo, a hippie, a nihilist

The road to freedom is out of my league

I must keep on waking in search of it

I about to pack up and leave O world

Just waiting for a sign or some spirits

The Indian spirit far from wilderness calls me

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