Kafir “Non-Believer” “Poem”

A Kafir (Non-Believer) is not born but made

A newly born child is always innocent whether a bastard or royal blood

It is the world labelling a child believer or non believer

Why is there a believer and a Non-Believer?

Are they not humans first?

Was Adam not a human first all else later?

Is there not One God and One Humane race?

Then from whence these rituals came?

The pope, the preacher, the Pandit, the Mullah are the enemies of Mankind

We hate each other based on what?

Years old failed articles of faith and discourses

Not for once mankind achieve eternal peace

More blood shed and false promises of these genocide rituals

How many more Jesus will we crucify?

How many more Kafir we will make and kill

How many more kafir and how many more Kafir will be condemned

Doesn’t God says I love thee child of all colors, race and faiths

For them west is Kafir and East is Momin

For God whole mankind is his beloved

Was satan a kafir first or an angel?

He was made kafir or born kafir (Non-believer)?

One only needs to ask God?

Why mankind is divided into believer and non believer?

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