Pakistan after 80’s “Poem”

A mad dictator came into power in 80’s

A Caesar came from Ancient Rome in 80’s

Pakistan’s Military conquered their own country

What happen when not merit but sheer force begins to rule?

A darkness loomed and freedom cease to exist after 80’s

Unjust and barbaric laws put into constitution of Pakistan

All poets exiled, journalists killed and free speech forbidden forever

Illiterate Mullahs room the streets and promoted extremists

Democracy gone and sweats of labor exploitated

This military machine runs the country back to 12th century rule of law and order

All progressives were outnumbered by conservatives

Literature was a threat to their deadly regimes

Tradition and religion was a tool to be used

Talibans henceforth created and employed

Strong ties in all official positions were given to retired generals

Sciences and liberal studies overruled

Lies put into the Textbooks and indoctrination begins in schools

After 80’s the country race backwards while the world moves forward

To this day there is no democracy but dictatorship

How long actions of armed men and their crimes against the state would not be put to question?

How long justice will not be served for breaking the constitution

After 80’s youth of the nation was destroyed

After 80’s Pakistan suffered a young death towards progress and peace

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