Hood Life “Poem”

The life in the hood is not for weak hearts

The life in hood for brave hearts

Rhymes, beats, alcohol, marijuana and what not

Guns, punches, bullying and forget about Dre

Niggers got my back they know me well

I ain’t giving up to bullying

What is this Asian doing in our hood they say!

This ain’t your hood it is my home too

They say go back to your country

They say we gonna beat your ass**

Moth**Fu**e** don’t know me yet

I ain’t no lay south Asian nigger I am exceptional niggers

They see me and hate me for nothing

What you say when somebody you hate?

Fu*k Yo* and Fu**Y*u too niggers

Why they move the lips

Nothing comes out but a bit of gibberish

They know Arabs got my back in the hood

Life in hoods ain’t no fairy tale

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