Nevermore “Poem”

Allen Edger Poe stands alone O world in my devilish ecstasies

The finest poet American soil ever produced

“A Raven” who would have thought?

A bird can inspire such a beautiful poem

“Quaf” “Quaf” “Quaf” the Raven “never more”

Never more O world we don’t want another Poe

One poet was enough for such darkness

One poet was enough to bear the burden

Never more this my Loneliness

Nevermore that raven I saw in New York

Nevermore to mediocrity says Raven

“Be a loner” Quoth the raven nevermore

Horror is the true theme of human existence

Poe’s death is a mystery to this day

Poe shows true side of human devil in force

Nevermore O sorrows never more

Never more Happiness never more O happiness

I read poe tonight I am in extreme despair

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