Journey of an Artist “Poem”

The journey of an artist is no different than Homer’s marvelous Greek tragedies

I hereby walk on the path of being an artist

Who is an artist?

Any person who sees things differently

Any person who thinks differently

Art is not just painting, it is a way of life

Every Artist has their canvas

Pen is my supreme tool of expression

The world stands on way of an artist

Artists presents the world different than what it is

Reality is against imagination

Poetry is against rationality

Writing is against authority

Loneliness is against company of friends

Welcome O reader I choose to be an Artist

In a world stormed by engineers, doctors, and dot .Com millionaires

You have an emerging artist in rebellion

He cares not about a career or job market

His only passion is to be like Socrates

An un-examined life is not worth living

Philosophy and literature are his sole companions

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