The First Murderer “Poem”

Cain Murdered Abel first of all

Sons of Adam against what not?

One brother against another we see not

That guilt of Cain still hunts human race

The murder of Abel still hunts human race

How long mankind will be guilty and murderers at the same time?

Is this human race ever going to achieve the promised Utopia?

My eyes are blindfolded and mouth sealed and ears dumbed and hands cuffed and legs paralyzed

Where is God? Have anyone seen God?

Why has God abandon mankind in blood and despair?

Who wants heaven after death? Death is truly a heaven

We all are only equal when we are dead

A dead men is not rich nor poor

A dead man has no color, belief or hate or love

A dead man is a dead man that’s all

Death is the only Utopia mankind will ever achieve

Death was the only Utopia for the first murderer and the murdered

Death is the fate of mankind forever and ever

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