Four Noble Truths “Poem”

A poetic expression of Four Noble truths by Buddha

Buddha teaches that suffering is inevitable

The cause of suffering are cravings

The wants, needs, desires and passions

Human nature wants more and more

The more one gets the more one remains unsatisfied

It is like one is thirsty for a glass of water but he wants wholes oceans

Human wants are no different then a Maya (delusional)

Expecting happinesses is different from actual happiness

Buddha the wise one says denounce materialism

Kill your craving for unessential wants

Buddha speaks “Simplify, simplify your life”

Buddha observes modern buying behaviors

You don’t need a new I-phone, fancy dresses, or be slave to popular opinions just because it is a trend

Buddha teaches the vices of modern consumerism

Markets utilizes consumers as products

By simplifying your wants

You will reduce suffering

You will find enlightenment

Buddha have no ideology

Buddha teaches individual experience and quest for truth

Hence the eight fold path is different for everyone

Buddha proclaimed don’t believe what I say discover truth yourself

Truth has no authority it is free as nature is and as equal as two and two equals four

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