Socrates on Democracy “Poem”

In ancient lands of Greece democracy first took birth

Socrates argues with Adeimantus on the flaws of democracy

Socrates anecdote was this that a country is like a ship fairing on the sea

Asks Socrates who would you ideally want to be the captain of ship?

Just anyone or educated people on sailing?

Should a person with old age and wealth rule the country?

This is an age old ethical problem of uneducated leaders Plato discuses in book six of the “Republic”

Socrates point is that voting in election is a skill and it must be taught systematically

Letting citizenry vote without education is madness

In 399 BC Athens foolishness of voters put Socrates to death

We have forgotten all about Socrates warning against Democracy

As a result we have elected people unworthy of their jobs like Trump, Imran khan, Macron, Erdogan and Modi etc

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