A walk on Riverside “Poem”

All of a sudden a distant light shines in my soul like the sparkling water near tampa river walk

Like Jesus let’s take a walk on water O my beloved

It’s been a long time since we haven’t been on a walk

A walk that may takes us back to the good old times lost forever

A little chat, a little walk, a little breathtaking, a little curiosity, a little sensuality

Where is this walk taking me?

O Shakespeare ask not what a heart break is?

I have resurrected Romeo from his grave

He is now a dead man waking all alone in midst of crowds

What if river flows backwards?

What if I could go back in time for once

What if I could take a walk with her one last time

Memories walks us back in time unlike the arrow of time

O my heart you are but a lonely darkness under the burning stars

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