Thus Spake Zarathustra “Poem”

In my lonely hours of the night and the day

I met Zarathustra in midst of my journey of becoming an artist

Zarathustra gave me his friendship and lessons

“Thou shall be born again” thus spake Zarathustra

“Thou shall only seek the impossible” said Zarathustra again

“Thou shall go in solitude, cut off thy chains, you belong to no one but to yourself alone” thus spake Zarathustra

O Zarathustra I exclaimed! “Where should I begin and where it will end?”

Zarathustra replies, “Thou shall go to Vermont up to the mountains forsake human race once and for all”

Zarathustra stood there watching and left without saying anything

Where are you O Zarathustra? My redeemer and my lightening

Thus spake Zarathustra “For our friendship ends here. You take me as your enemy. You go your way I go my way and thou shall never see Zarathustra again

I was enlightened like Buddha and knew Zarathustra went to Denver somewhere

We shall meet again O Zarathustra in the unfolding realms of madness and sincerity

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